/Users/airy/Sources/augui/AUGUIFramework/Controls/AUGUIUtilities.cpp File Reference

#include "AUGUIUtilities.h"
#include <ApplicationServices/ApplicationServices.h>

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#define kAlignInterval   0x10
#define kAlignMask   (kAlignInterval-1)


void AUGUI::HIRectToQDRect (const HIRect *inHIRect, Rect *outQDRect)
TRect AUGUI::RectForCGImage (CGImageRef theImage)
void AUGUI::ConvertWindowPointToGlobal (WindowRef theWindow, Point &thePoint)
 Converts a point from local window coordinates to global coordinates.
void AUGUI::ConvertGlobalToWindowPoint (WindowRef theWindow, Point &thePoint)
 Converts a point from global to local window coordinates.
void AUGUI::SetFontFromFontStyleRec (CGContextRef context, ControlFontStyleRec &rec, ThemeFontID baseThemeFont, ThemeTextColor baseThemeColor)
 Sets the font face, size, style, and color based on the fields and flags of the rec argument.
void * AUGUI::malloc_aligned (UInt32 numBytes, void **realPointer)
 Allocates a block of memory that is 16-byte aligned and zeroed.

Define Documentation

#define kAlignInterval   0x10

#define kAlignMask   (kAlignInterval-1)

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