/Users/airy/Sources/augui/AUGUIFramework/AU View/ColorSwatch.h File Reference

#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
#include "TViewNoCompositingCompatible.h"

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class  ColorSwatch


#define kFlavorTypeColor   'colr'
#define kControlSwatchColorTag   'colr'


typedef ColorSwatchColorSwatchPtr


OSStatus HIColorSwatchGetColor (ControlRef inControl, RGBColor *outColor)
OSStatus HIColorSwatchSetColor (ControlRef inControl, RGBColor inColor)

Define Documentation

#define kControlSwatchColorTag   'colr'

#define kFlavorTypeColor   'colr'

Typedef Documentation

typedef ColorSwatch* ColorSwatchPtr

Function Documentation

OSStatus HIColorSwatchGetColor ControlRef  inControl,
RGBColor *  outColor

OSStatus HIColorSwatchSetColor ControlRef  inControl,
RGBColor  inColor

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