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#include "TViewNoCompositingCompatible.h"
#include "TUnicodeTextStorage.h"

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class  TTransparentEditText
 Custom edit text control that does not erase its background. More...


#define _TTransparentEditText_h_


enum  {
  kTransparentEditTextCFStringTag = kControlEditTextCFStringTag, kTransparentEditTextFontStyleTag = kControlFontStyleTag, kTransparentEditTextKeyFilterTag = kControlEditTextKeyFilterTag, kTransparentEditTextSelectionTag = kControlEditTextSelectionTag,
  kTransparentEditTextLockedTag = kControlEditTextLockedTag, kTransparentEditTextFocusCGImageRefTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('Fimg'), kTransparentEditTextFocusImageURLTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('Furl'), kTransparentEditTextNextKeyboardFocusControlIDTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('NFID'),
  kTransparentEditTextNextKeyboardFocusControlRefTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('NFCR'), kTransparentEditTextNextKeyboardFocusPartTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('NFPC'), kTransparentEditTextBackgroundImageTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('BKIM'), kTransparentEditTextFontATSUStyleTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('ATSU'),
  kTransparentEditTextFontDrawFrameTag = FOUR_CHAR_CODE('FRAM')

Define Documentation

#define _TTransparentEditText_h_

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

kTransparentEditTextCFStringTag  Alias of the standard data tag.

This sets the contents of the edit field to the CFString passed in.

kTransparentEditTextFontStyleTag  Alias of the standard data tag.

This changes the edit field's font, size, style, and color settings.

kTransparentEditTextKeyFilterTag  Also an alias of a standard data tag.

This sets a key filter function that uses the same prototype as the standard one, and works exactly the same. The value is of type ControlKeyFilterProcPtr.

kTransparentEditTextSelectionTag  Alias. The value is a ControlEditTextSelectionRec structure.
kTransparentEditTextLockedTag  Another alias of a standard data tag.

This value is a Boolean type that indicates whether editing and selecting is allowed.

kTransparentEditTextFocusCGImageRefTag  With this data tag you can set an image that will be drawn in place of the normal keyboard focus ring.

The value is a CGImageRef. The image will be retained by the control, so you do not have to keep a reference to it.

When reading this data, the image is not retained an extra time, so do not release it when you are through (unless you retain it yourself, of course).

kTransparentEditTextFocusImageURLTag  Like kTransparentEditTextFocusCGImageRefTag, this data tag can be used to set an image that will be drawn instead of the normal keyboard focus ring.

But instead of a CGImageRef, a reference to a ".png" format image file is given as a CFURLRef.

This data is write only; you cannot read back the URL, only actual CGImageRef using kTransparentEditTextFocusCGImageRefTag.

kTransparentEditTextNextKeyboardFocusControlIDTag  Write only.

Sets which control the tab key will advance focus to by the control's ControlID.

kTransparentEditTextNextKeyboardFocusControlRefTag  Sets the control which the tab key will move keyboard focus to by passing the ControlRef.
kTransparentEditTextNextKeyboardFocusPartTag  Sets the ControlPartCode of the next focus control to advance focus to.
kTransparentEditTextBackgroundImageTag  Sets the background image of the control.
kTransparentEditTextFontATSUStyleTag  Sets the ATSUStyle property.
kTransparentEditTextFontDrawFrameTag  Sets the "draw frame' property.

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